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Redmi Note 5 White Light Blinking only Problem Solution

note 5 white light blinking

Redmi note 5 white light blinking is a very often problem nowadays. It happens due to many types of faults.

In this article, I will guide you on how to repair the dead Redmi note 5 white light only blinking when the charger is connected.

Possible Faults why Redmi Note 5 white light blinks:

1. Faulty Battery

2. Faulty PMI IC

3. Processor / SoC Dryness

4. Programming error in EMCP

Let’s discuss it one by one.


If your Redmi Note 5 mobile’s white light is blinking while charging, first check the battery voltage.

The battery voltage should be more than 3.75V. If the battery voltage is less than 3V, try to boost the battery voltage up to 3.8V using DC Power Supply Or Battery Activator.

When the battery voltage goes below 2.8V, a normal charger cannot charge the Battery. This results in white light blinking in Redmi Note 5. You need to boost the battery using Battery Booster or DC Power Supply to 3.8V.

To know how to boost the Battery, Click here

There is already a dedicated lesson about the topic.

Now try to switch it on.

Sometimes though the Battery voltage is Ok, it does not power on the mobile phone due to high internal resistance in the Battery Protection Circuit.  It does not supply the required current. So you must try another good Battery Or repair the old Battery.

Click here to know how to repair Mobile Battery.

If your mobile turns on normally with a new or repaired Battery, then your problem is solved. If not, follow the next step.


There are two Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) in Redmi Note 5 Motherboard. 

  • Primary Power IC (PM660)
  • Secondary Power IC (PMI8952)

If this secondary power IC PMI8952 is faulty, the white light blinking problem arises. This is installed near the Processor.

First, try to reflow PMI8952 and check whether Redmi Note 5 is turning on or not.

If not turning on, replace it with new PMI8952. It should solve your problem.


Click here to watch PMI8952 IC change video

Processor / SoC dryness

If the above methods don’t work, heat the Processor at 360°C for 3 minutes using Hot Air Machine. Sometimes the balls under SoC or processor get dry soldered. So when you heat the SoC, the balls will be connected with the bonding pads again.

The good part is there is no white glue or black glue pasted in the CPU. You can easily reflow it without removing it.

Programming Error in EMCP

EMCP is the memory IC which is the combination of RAM and ROM.

When any mobile runs for a long time about 2 to 3 years, there are some errors coming like ‘consumed 90% of the reversed blocks’, ‘MLC and SLC mismatched percentage’.

You need to have Emmc Programming Box like UFI Box, and Easy Jtag Box to detect and repair Redmi Note 5 white light blinking problem.


In this way, the white light blinking problem can be repaired in Redmi Note mobile phone.

I have made a video on this problem on my YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the Channel.

Click here to watch

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If there are any queries about Redmi Note 5 white light blinking problem and not switching on, feel free to comment below. I will love to answer your doubts and queries.

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