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Samsung J2 Prime Charging Solution

Samsung j2 prime charging

In this article, I will help you to provide Samsung J2 Prime Charging solution for free. Let’s learn.

 If there is a track missing, then connect by the jumper wire as shown in the picture below.

j2 prime charging
J2 Prime Charging Ways

Steps for J2 Prime Charging Solution:

  • Insert Charger in Charging connector of Main Board
  • Check voltage at Battery Connector. It should be more than 3.6 V
  • Check components as shown in the above pictures by cold testing.
  • Check continuity of tracing lines as shown in the above picture. If there is no continuity shown, connect with the jumper wire.
  • Check voltage at Charging Connector while plugging Charger. It should be 5V.
  • Replace the Charging Connector.
j2 motherboard
J2 Motherboard

If there is any queries, I will love to answer you.

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