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Samsung Mobile Temperature Too High Low Error And Its Solution

temperature error in J7
Temperature Error

In this article, I will explain how to repair the charging errors in Samsung J7 Prime / On nxt / On7 Prime due to the temperature too high. There are different versions of this model. These are G610F, G610F/DS, G610F/DF, G610M, G610M/DS, and G610Y/DS.

How this charging error comes?

If the mobile is switched off, you will get an orange-colored triangle symbol when the charger is connected.

If the mobile phone is on and you connect the charger to the phone, you will get an error message like this,

Let’s repair the Charging error


Generally, temperature too high or low errors come due to the faulty Thermistor. It is a resistor whose resistance strongly depends on the temperature.

The term Thermistor comes from Thermal + Resistor

Thermistors are of two types.

  1. NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient type)
  2. PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient type)

In NTC type thermistor, if the temperature increases, the resistance of the thermistor decreases.

In PTC type thermistor, if the temperature increases, the resistance of the thermistor increases.

Mostly NTC type thermistors are used as temperature sensors. If your mobile phone is actually too hot due to some problem, the CPU stops charging as the resistance of the thermistor decreases.

But sometimes, the thermistor is faulty and its internal resistance decreases irrespective of any change in temperature. And most of the time, this type of error comes from a faulty thermistor.

In this case, removing the faulty thermistor can charge the mobile phone well, but it is recommended to replace it with a new thermistor. A thermistor is used for the protection of the mobile phone.


First, you need to disassemble the Samsung J7 Prime. Take out the main board and check the thermistor.

The thermistor is present near the charging port. See the below picture to find out the thermistor.

thermistor in J7

How to check the thermistor

First, check the resistance of the thermistor (say R1) using a multimeter.

Apply heat on the thermistor by SMD Machine or Hot air blower. Check the resistance (say R2)

If the resistance remains unchanged, i.e., R1=R2, the thermistor is faulty.

Now, remove the faulty thermistor and replace it with a new one. Your mobile will charge well.

To watch the video, CLICK HERE

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charging error Solution

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