WTR2965 is a transceiver IC used by almost 70% of mobile phones nowadays. No network, no service, and emergency calls only are the most common problems. If you know WTR2965 GR Value, you can repair all network-related faults easily.

What is GR Value?

GR means Ground-Resistance.

How is GR value measured?

GR value is measured by a Multimeter easily.

First, unplug the battery and remove the motherboard.

Set the multimeter in Diode Mode.

Connect the red probe (+ve) to any Ground point of the Motherboard.

Check the testing point of the components or IC pads with the black probe.

The reading shown in the Multimeter display while checking is called the GR Value of that point of components or IC pads.

WTR2965 GR Value

WTR2965 GR VALUE in diode mode

How is WTR2965 GR VALUE taken?

WTR2965 GR value is taken in a working mobile motherboard. It is a 100% tested reading.

First, WTR2965 is removed from the working motherboard. Then, the diode values of each pad under WTR2965 IC are taken using a Multimeter in diode mode

How to repair Network faults using WTR2965 GR Value with a case study?

WTR2965 Ball numbers

Recently I repaired a NO NETWORK fault in Redmi Go using WTR2965 GR Value. When I checked 1V and 1.8V were missing.

If WTR2965 is faulty, you don’t get 1V and 1.8V supply in WTR2965. In this case, replacing WTR2965 IC can solve the NO Network fault.

But after changing 4 tested WTR2965 IC, the No Network problem was not solved.

When I checked WTR2965 GR Value on Pad no 55 and 47 after removing IC, I did not get any values. Both pad no 55 and 47 is directly connected to the CPU.

Then, I reballed the CPU and I got GR values in Pad no 55 and 47. After that, I soldered the WTR2965 IC.

I powered on the mobile and checked 1V and 1.8V supply. Both supplies were available.

In this way, I solved NO network fault using WTR2965 GR Value readings.

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